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The Proteomics Core is a Shared Resource of the Siteman Cancer Center. The Core provides Cancer Center members with preferred access to current and innovative proteomics technologies for molecular profiling of clinical samples and for basic cancer research. The Proteomics Core is a cooperative effort between the Siteman Cancer Center and the Department of Medicine. The facility is open to all Washington University investigators with priority access to Cancer Center members.

Multiplex Proteomics

Multiplex gel-based proteomics measures two or more attributes of complex protein mixtures in order to maximize the amount of information from individual samples. Multiplex technologies 1) increase the accuracy of differential protein expression analysis, 2) enable the visualization of protein functional groups, 3) reduce the number of analyses and sample amounts required to identify changes between samples.

Protein expression analysis is performed using large format gels and sample labeling using spectrally-distinct fluorescent dyes. The images from multiple samples are analyzed in a single physical gel. The Core provides software to analyze images, by remote access to the Core's computer resources. Gel features from image analysis are identified using high resolution tandem mass spectrometry. 


Bioinformatics Core

Data generated from the Proteomics Core Facility will be  stored at this site.  Authorized users may search and retrieve datasets, perform web-based analysis of data, and 'publish' data so that it may be shared with other investigators.  Other users of this site may download data referenced in publications by Cancer Center members and access a compendium of commercial and academic resources for microarray-based and proteomics technologies and complex data analysis.


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